Revolutionizing Coaching and Training Landscapes


System for Change - PyrPos

PyrPos is a groundbreaking coaching concept designed to help individuals and teams discover their position, vision, and mission. Developed through extensive experience in coaching, marketing consultations, and training using the System Pyramid, PyrPos aims to revolutionize the coaching and training landscape in Europe and beyond.

Innovation and Uniqueness

The Power of PyrPos

PyrPos integrates four key elements for the first time:

1. Logical Levels Structure (Robert Dilts)
2. Golden Circle Concept ("Why? How? What?" - Simon Sinek)
3. Systemic Constellations Methodology
4. Iterative, Playful Change Approach

This unique combination allows for the systematic structuring of issues or communication, offering diverse systemic perspectives through a haptic tool positioned in the realm of analog gamification. The iterative and intuitive change process empowers participants to take meaningful actions.

The Genesis of PyrPos

From Challenge to Concept

The idea for PyrPos emerged from a challenge presented by an international client seeking a team-building workshop after the merger of two leading high-tech companies. The goal was to align their technical departments and familiarize employees with the new corporate vision.

The initial three-dimensional tool was crafted by participants themselves, fostering a playful engagement with the concept. PyrPos was conceived to address the need for various perspectives in understanding and shaping future actions.

PyrPos Dimensions

Systematic Communication Structuring

PyrPos follows a clear schema, enabling continuous improvement from the current state (IST) to the desired state (SOLL). It draws inspiration from established formats like Scrum and Kanban, combining them with the mindful approach of coaching step models and systemic constellations.

Systemic Perspectives Exploration

The curriculum encourages participants to adopt different perspectives akin to systemic constellations. This includes viewpoints of various stakeholders in the system, mirroring the Golden Circle's meta-perspective (Why? How? What?).

Playful Change Implementation

A playful approach in change processes ensures sustainable effectiveness by removing inhibitions and limitations. Progress is visible and tangible in each phase, fostering a sense of co-creation among participants. This hands-on approach makes the change process enduring.

Solution Orientation & Systemic View

Leveraging Existing Solutions

PyrPos believes that solutions to problems within a system already exist. The term "system" encompasses not only the coachee, team, or topic but also surrounding factors, especially groups of people. Facilitators guide clients through change processes with a deep understanding of systemic approaches, ensuring effective results.

Tools & Methods

The Heart of PyrPos - The System Pyramid

The System Pyramid acts as the core, providing structure and support for the process, facilitator, and participants. PyrPos assists in:

1. Structuring and visualizing solutions
2. Experiencing solutions from different perspectives
3. Co-creating solutions effectively

Constantly evolving, PyrPos integrates insights from various disciplines such as neuroscience, education, systemic approaches, and more.

Application Scenarios

Tailored for Diverse Contexts

PyrPos is versatile, catering to both team and individual coaching. It serves as building blocks in organizational development contexts, addressing goals like vision alignment, team identity, shared values, and competency identification.

The tool is applicable in various scenarios:

- Inner team coaching
- Couple therapy
- Team building
- Intercultural training
- Interdisciplinary training

Practical Implementation

Ensuring Practical Transfer

PyrPos is easily understandable, providing vivid representations of internal and systemic connections. The haptic and multisensory learning approach ensures sustainable knowledge retention through the VAKOG model and diverse perceptual positions.

The learning journey involves:

1. Semantic learning
2. Coaching questions
3. Stimulation of episodic learning
4. Simulation with personalized symbols
5. Practical transfer ('Future Pace')

Additionally, PyrPos can be replicated at a low cost or purchased as a kit, ensuring accessibility.

Unique Selling Proposition

Authentically PyrPos

PyrPos stands out due to its systematic structure, systemic approach, playful adaptability, and interdisciplinary applicability. The three-dimensional System Pyramid, the central tool, offers a unique and authentic experience, leaving a lasting impact on all who engage with it.

Future Developments

Expanding Possibilities

Various versions of PyrPos are in development, tailored to different application areas. The pyramid's adaptability allows coaches and trainers to incorporate and adapt its elements freely.

PyrPos is not just a tool; it's a bridge in communication, applicable in diverse contexts and scenarios. Its effectiveness is proven in intercultural conflicts, coaching scenarios, and agile methodologies like Scrum.

Invest in PyrPos today to revolutionize coaching and training practices, creating lasting impact and transformation. Join us in reshaping the future of personal and professional development across Europe and beyond!